Monday, November 5


I worked on this blog for a few years but once I moved to Japan, I sort of gave it up. I love fashion but never felt that keen on just doing outfit posts. Then I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue Lazy Obsession but with different content or start a new one. In the end, I think starting fresh is the way to go and so, I've started a new blog called In Retrospect.
It's about looking back at my time in Japan so it's somewhat a travel blog but also, not. I'm not doing travel diaries as such but it's more like a journal.

I hope you'll have a look! To all those who have followed Lazy Obsession thus far thank you so so much!!
And here's a little look at what's to come on the new blog:

See you on the new blog! Lots of love, 
Naz x

Thursday, February 11

変な日・ a strange day

Winter means going out in public and leaving only your eyes visible to the crowd. God forbid you show your mouth. Of course, in this space I felt obliged to show at least more than 1-2 quarters of my face but truthfully, once I leave my apartment, the scarf goes up and the hat comes down. It's all eye-action from there on out.

On another note, today was a really weird day. From getting the location of a taiko performance wrong to having a local man stare at my friend and I from across the street to this said friend losing her wallet and us having to go to the police box with her landlord and him wanting to see where my apartment is to buying shoes and getting parfaits at a cafe, today was a really weird day.

p.s. the old man was super cute and we waved at each other and nodded. ><

(randomly inserted photos: illuminations at Nabano no Sato; and an amazing dinner I had recently)


Saturday, January 23


When they say that Japan has four distinct seasons, they really mean it. Although I've only been here for two, they have shown that when it's summer here, you'll be dripping in sweat and when it's winter, you'll be frozen to the bone. But lucky for me coming from Ireland, I've been thoroughly enjoying the switch from t-shirts and cardis to turtlenecks, sweaters and knits. Winter also means eating lots and lots of delicious food and being able to hide my food baby.

It's been a while since I've taken outfit photos and I remembered how much focusing sucks without a remote so please excuse thaaaaat.


Wednesday, November 11

Tokyo -- Gifu -- Osaka

I've never eaten as much ramen as I have in the last 3 months and it doesn't look like I'll be slowing down any time soon. 3 months - that's how long I've been living in Japan so far but it feels like 6! To say I settled in quickly is putting it mildly; everything seemed to click into place while still maintaining a sense of wonder and excitement. From travelling to working to trying new things and of course eating more than I can chew, the nights that I come home feeling utterly exhausted are always mixed with satisfaction. It's a good kind of tired. So here's my completely overdue post summing up some of the best moments!


Tuesday, August 4

I'm in Japan! 日本にいるよ!

Ok, wow, where do I even start?! Well first, I'M IN JAPAN! I've been here a week and the first few days were a whirlwind of activities. I was in Tokyo for 3 days in which seminars, socialising and sightseeing were all crammed in; to summarize briefly, I was in the Shinjuku area and visited Akihabara and Shibuya (yup, the place with the famous crossing and Hatchiko statue) and another area that I can't remember. Then I made my way to Mie and the first day was packed with drives to and from school-apartment-town hall and so many in-betweens! But I never felt the fatigue until actually plonking into bed (well, futon). My experience so far has been incredible and just...different. Everything is different which means it's all new to my eyes. Super exciting stuff to come as I get settled in and it's worth mentioning that I have met the most friendly, hospitable and accommodating people than I ever have before!! (like srsly just check out my instagram with my neighbours cute note >.<)
Other random things to note:
  1. It's extremely hot and humid. 
  2. I have to shower day and night. 
  3. My room is fully decked out in Japanese style - tatami mats, futon, sliding doors...totally washitsu!

Lastly, I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to document everything. I feel like outfit photos just won't work (also need to get a new tripod) and then vlogs are new to me so I'm not sure how interesting that may be. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!
p.s. these photos are all pretty much from my phone and unedited.

She cried like a baby. And then I cried. 


In the ever-so convenient Conbinis! コンビニ

On the way to Mie.

'Tokyo Ginger Lemonade Squash'

If you have any sightseeing recommendations, please let me know! 教えてください。

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