Monday, July 7

eye of horus

(truly madly deeply top, puma suedes, river island pants - old)

I've started an exercise program through the Nike training app and I was really looking forward to the 15 min yoga session but half way through I realized it was a toning session; as I said on my twitter - not zen, not zen at all. 

Besides non-zen feelings, it's my sisters birthday today (and SO many celebrities I noticed) so happy 20th birthday sis! even though I know you don't read my blog - anyone else with me there!?

Naz x

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Friday, July 4


Lately, I've been captivated by Asian models; maybe it's the asian side of me kicking it or the quiet, strong strength of their look that makes me stop and click save. Despite the preface, this post doesn't contain all asian models. Enjoy!

(photos from my tumblr)

Oh and happy 4th of July to any American readers out there!

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Tuesday, July 1


(H&M crop top, aldo shoes)

I PASSED MY EXAMS! Checking my results online was probably the most anti-climatic moment ever: I waited and waited, the site crashed so I decided to watch netflix; then 2 hours later I checked and the word PASS appeared on screen. And that was it. I was also home alone so there wasn't really a screaming jumping up and down moment - just relief. 

Hope you're all well!
Naz x

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Saturday, June 28


PUMA Suedes here

The lovely folk at Canoe Inc. sent me these gorgeous pair of kicks from the PUMA Suede collection. No kidding, I wore them the first day they arrived and they are super comfy! It's also perfect timing because I've been in a bit of a shoe rut - it's too warm to wear boots and not warm enough to wear sandals throughout the whole day. Also, big news, I finally got a job! Gone will be the days of having to ask for money and living the lowly student life (well, to a certain extent). I'm going to be travelling a lot back and forth from the city so what better than doing so with comfortable shoes; and as someone whos closet colour palette ranges from black to white with greys in between, the red is a much needed infusion of colour. 

An outfit post featuring the suedes will be coming soon!

Hope you're all well!
Naz x

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Saturday, June 14

little pouch

 (H&M top, forever 21 pants, zara sandals, vintage phone pouch)

Is this pouch not the cutest thing ever?! My sister got it for me while travelling around South East Asia but it's been stowed away in my drawers for 3 years! Lately with the warm weather I just really want to wear light clothes and the same goes for accessories; friends and family know I hate carrying things around like big hand bags so this little pouch is perfect but warning: you may look like a tourist sometimes. 

Side note: my roots need some major attention.

Hope you're all well, 
Naz x

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