Tuesday, April 8


That's right I'm SICK - of life, college, friends and this blog. Heh just kidding; I was going to continue that 'joke' for awhile but I think I better just move on. I really am sick and have been bedridden since Sunday! Being sick obviously sucks but after the first horrible day (major migraine) it hasn't been too bad sitting at home, reading, having my siblings be nice to me and of course, watching Pok√©mon. 

I thought it'd be much better to let you all know rather than just disappearing off for awhile. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get an ootd post up for a few days! There's also a ball event coming up on thursday which I'm super excited about; I'm trying my best not to look like a zombie after this death cold. Make sure to follow me on instagram (nasreenosman) to see pics :) They'll mostly be iphone pics so that ain't going to make the cut for the blog. 

Hope you're all well and not having to sneeze all the time. 
Naz x

p.s. I love how you usually see that drink in sunny places but nope, I'm just gonna open that can of sunshine in my dimly-lit room and be all...germy. 

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Thursday, April 3

No Fishing

This post marks the first day where I took my camera and tripod and left the realm of my house to take blog photos. I went out into the public...almost. I strolled down to the river and found this spot which is kind of tucked away but still out in the open! There were so many runners, people fishing and cyclists that I was forced to toughen up and just do my thang. One of the best things about going to a recreational place is that everyone is really friendly, they say hi to each other but also mind their own business. T'was perfect.

(h&m basics dress, hollister shirt, martina shoes - courtesy of my mom)

As I mentioned in my last post, let me know if you've any ideas for my first giveaway (reached 200 bloglovin followers - thanks guys!)

Hope you're all well, 
Naz x

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Tuesday, April 1

I Don't Wanna Grow Up! [GIVEAWAY UPDATE]

(h&m skirt, zara knit)

I reached 200 Bloglovin followers yaaaaaaaay! I actually reached it a few days ago but someone unfollowed me and totally killed my buzz. As promised, my first giveaway is coming up and I'm super excited! Despite entering so many giveaways, now that I'm doing my own I'm kind of stuck for ideas, if you have any suggestions please write a comment! Anything from jewellery to clothes to random things - it'll get me brainstorming. After all, it's you guys who'll be entering (hopefully!)

Hope you're all well!
Naz x

p.s. anyone play any april fools prank? or get pranked? Tell me aaaaall

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Thursday, March 27

You Can Be Happy If You Want To Be

Every month I gather and save photos that I love or that have struck me in some way. I try to stick to ones where I feel I just have to have it and feel I'll be at a loss if I scroll by!

It's always fun to see if there's a pattern to what I'm loving at a certain time. I've noticed that most of these pics feature medium-short haired girls; I lurrrrve short hair and I'm still trying to find a style that really suits me!

I mentioned in my last post that when I get to 200 bloglovin followers I'm going to do a giveaway so get following ;)

Last thing - I've been a JPOP 2000's binge for awhile so don't be weirded out that I just posted a song that majority of you may not (or may!) like.

- Naz x

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Monday, March 24


We drove into the city for the sole purpose of finding this location and taking a few snaps. Mission Accomplished. The walls were beautifully littered with graffiti with play props thrown around and the one dude who was thinking, 'what the heck are they doing?'
Moving on, today was my first day back at college after reading week and to be honest I actually missed it! Not the classes but the people, atmosphere and just the feeling that you're actually doing something during the day and not just lazying about!

Photos by Kevin
(urban outfitters jacket, h&m skirt & top)

ALSO I'm almost at 200 followers on bloglovin!! I think that's the perfect time for my first giveaway ;) what do you think? Follow button is juuuust down there.

Hope your weeks off to a good start!
Naz x

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