Hey! Dia duit! Bonjour! 안녕하세요!  こんにちは! 

Nasreen / 19 / Ireland / Soon-to-be University graduate

Update 12/11/14: So many visitors lately, just wanted to say HI and thanks for stopping by (but I think you should stay). Also, I'm loving getting all your emails and comments asking about how I've been learning Korean and general blog comments. Keep 'em coming, I'm happy to help. 
You can drop me an email for an in-depth answer (lazyobsession@gmail.com), tweet me (@lazyobsession) or leave a comment in one of the posts. 감사합니다 :)

So, I started up my blog in April 2012 but didn't seriously work on it until October. I got the urge to start a blog since I kept seeing all these beautiful fashion photos on tumblr - they were all editorial photos but once in a while a street style photo or a blogger's outfit would pop up. I decided to investigate; I hounded my followers to tell me their favourite models, bloggers etc. I literally had no clue about any fashion industry stuff. The whole nature and niche of a fashion blog was also totally new: I was amazed at how a regular person could be so influential to the public. I loved the idea of the 'not in the spotlight' type person inspiring others, catering to their sartorial needs and building a community. This, essentially, is what I hope to achieve, so feel free to leave comments or email me! In January 2013, I went on a little unplanned hiatus but you can read about that here

I wasn't always into fashion and I'm not exactly sure where I want to go with it but for now I'm having fun so it's all good. I feel like I've just written some kind of cover letter. See you on the other side (of the computer screen...)