Saturday, December 15

Get the Taylor Swift "I Knew You Were Trouble" Look

     Taylor Swift dusty look
 Street Style Market t-shirt | chiarafashion camo pants | Amazon boots (say whaaaaa) | John Lewis key necklace | tank top | River Island denim shorts | Madison Harding boots |

Hey guys! I had an inspiration block the past week. I thought about different things to write about but I scraped every idea I put down. Sorry about that and since I'm off college for 2 weeks, there should be more fluidity to my posts, and more of them :) So... I LOVE Taylor Swift. Fan since the start baby! Maybe you like her music or maybe you don't but you've gotta admit...she looks hawwwt in her new video for "I Knew You Were Trouble". She cast aside her squeaky clean dresses for an edgy, grungey look, and I have to say, it suits her very well. Why Taylor do you look good in like...everything?

Okay so fan girling aside, she does look cool and edgy in this video. She opted for off the shoulder knits, ripped tees, denim shorts and dark smokey eye make-up. So as you can imagine (or see from the pictures), these looks aren't hard to recreate. But it is winter. So pair the shorts with knitted tights, add some cotton socks, throw the tank top over a long sleeved top, and finish off with a leather jacket.

As for the military pants, check out my post here to see how I wore it :)

By the way....what do you think of Haylor? ;) (be honest ha!)
Hope the holidays are treating you well!
Naz x

P.S. Don't forget to cut your hair short, dip dye the ends pink, and accessorize with a hot guy; now you've REALLY nailed the Taylor Swift look.


  1. love her look here, it's so different to her usual girly girl look! I'm so inspired by the camo print right now too, I even made a bunch of my own shirts in camo! xxx

  2. I love that look, although it is SO WEIRD to see Taylor Swift dressed like that! I really love camo pants right now though :) And as for Haylor.... eh. I think they could both find someone better suited to them.

    1. hahhah SAME here! they're an odd looking couple :P

  3. I love this post, even if it's weird to see taylor dressed like that haha :)
    Kisses xx

    1. glad you like it! I know, its so different but looks good :)

  4. Love Taylor Swift! I think she looks great in that outfit-always nice to see people trying new things! As for Harry and Taylor... that guy will just end up as another song! xox


  5. Great post! Love your writing!



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