Thursday, December 6

12 days of Christmas jumpers

Oh how traditional...

A picture says a 1000 words...

 Subtly festive...

Quietly in the holiday spirit...

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Okay technically it's fourteen days of Christmas jumpers... sorry, I got carried away!! They were all so comfy and cute and not to mention festive! Sorry for the lack of recent posts by the way. College work kept me busy for awhile there :/ So I thought this was a really fun post to do, it took a lot of researching through collections online but twas fun :D It's getting absolutely FREEZING outside. It's like one degree outside all the time so I throw on anything to keep me comfy plus a chic coat and I'm good to go. I feel like it's almost cheating. But how handy is it that we don't have to be pressured about our outfit everyday when we can wear a fabulous coat all day?! Like all you fashionistas out there, I want to look my best but not suffer through the frosty cold.

But here comes the important part...HOW to wear a Christmas jumper :o

The secret to wearing a Christmas jumper:
1. Wear with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. 

It's seriously that simple, it really does go with everything! (unless you have one with bobbles and lights then'll want to wear that home...alone.)

But if you want some ideas then here you go! Bear in mind though it'll be just like wearing a normal sweater.
          1. Wear with a black leather skater skirt
          2. With black skinnies and boots.
          3. Match with neutrals to let it stand out! 
          4. Throw a collared shirt underneath one.
          5. The fair isle ones in the first picture are really a statement on their own, let it be :)
Hope this is helpful, you really just wear it with anything. It's just a normal jumper...but Christmassy ;)
If you found any fun/wacky/gorgeous Christmas jumpers let me know...Put forth thy comment!

Happy mid-week folks!
Naz x


  1. Great pics, I love river Island sweaters.


  2. Great post, I love the fair isle sweaters!!!


  3. i literally want them all! i liiive in cosy jumpers during the winter!

    1. hahah same here!! there a fashion life saver :D

  4. I always wanted to wear jumper on xmas day but I live in a tropical country. Maybe someday.


  5. Omg I just love your post haha, all the jumpers are so cuute, I just want to buy them all! :) x

  6. I love those Christmas Jumpers! Wish I could wear something like it but I live in a tropical country and those are too warm for here lol

  7. I love chrismas jumpers! but we never get to wear them because its summer in australia during chrismas!

  8. Really love your blog! I am following you, hope you'll follow back ;)


  9. Great post! I love this collection of sweaters!

  10. I'm obsessed with Polyvore. hehe. Cute sets! -


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