Monday, June 3

summer 13 wishlist

It's summer but minimalism is still in the air! Take a look below and you'll see that the only colourful things are, well, the numbers. I just can't get out of my basics funk; I need my blacks, whites and greys. I tried to inject some colour into this list and this is the best I could come up with, for now. Busy prints and patterns aren't really me but they're so pretty, so, I'm starting to make more of an effort to wear them.

1. River Island Pinafore- I've been wanting a pinafore for AGES. There's a huge selection- prints, florals, checks, denim but I'm a basics kinda girl so I'll stick with black. Perfect for winter too!

2. Topshop necklace- Pantone named 'Emerald" colour of the year and well, I'm a huge fan. I have gotten anything emerald yet, but hey, that why it's on this list. This one is turquoise but if I find an emerald colour in this style, I'll be happy. Very happy.  

3. zeroUV Cat Eye sunglasses- Now, what would summer be without sunglasses? That's right, it wouldn't be summer. I love me some feline flare, so these cat eye's should do the job. And for €10...I suggest you get them NOW. They have other colours too! You have no excuse!

4. Zara sandal heels- Sandal heels are my favourite type of heels! Again, I don't have any but God knows how long I've been wanting a pair. Now that the weather's perfect for them, I've no more excuses - money will be spent. Also, I chose nude heels instead of black because I can wear them to tone down any summery, busy clothes.

5. Zara printed blazer- How gorgeous is this blazer!? It's just perfect. I need not say more. 

6. Zara strappy sandals- I've been fawning over these shoes ever since Liz at Late Afternoon wrote about them. I think they'll be perfect with everything- from dresses to shorts, maxi skirts to skinny jeans! You just fell in love with them didn't you?

7. Zara culotte shorts- AKA. "skort"- skirt and shorts rolled into one. I've been seeing these a lot amongst bloggers and the best pair I can find is from, as you can probably tell, my favourite store ever, Zara. They're so chic and look comfy too, so, they're a must!

Hope you enjoyed this wishlist! It was hard to narrow down, especially when you want everything to vamp up that wintery closet. I'm hoping that these will replace my knits that got me through the winter!

What's on your wishlist this summer? Let me know, I'm still looking for things to add to my list ;)
'Til next time,
Naz x

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  1. I love this blazer! It looks like a kiono but still be a blazer!

    x, Daria


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